Good day

I have had feedback from all the staff members and Doktors that attended the function and the comments that I received was very pleasant and good. the food was delicious the music was right for the occasion, and even though not all staff was eager to play paint ball, I had to show them that it will be fun, after I have announced where the field is and what is expected of them we were more then 15 players and even some with military background we still managed to take them out on the first round. Well the weather had a turn around surprise for us when it became thunder and hail and windy but luckily the hall that was provided to the function was big and could accommodate us all while we played some riddle game where if the answer was correct the player could select a number and win a prize. We were loud in shouting and laughing but we enjoyed it a lot.

The photo’s that was taken is breath taking and everything was a few steps out of reach the bar, the toilets the playground. Thank you Diep in die Berg for accommodating us on such short notice and making us all feel comfortable and providing the option for us. Your staff even assist in numbering the prize winning gifts, and your barman is friendly and helpful, and the chef has great secret in preparation of the food, the view was beautiful.

Thank you for your hospitality and friendly services that you render to the public, the staff was speechless at one point when they saw the venue and then others could stop talking about the paint ball.

Kind regards