Good Monday Morning Ladies, and Gent

I hope you had a lovely weekend and ready for the last stretch before we all get some chill-time.

I need to say a very big THANK YOU. You guys rock! Let me tell you what we thought was outstanding (and doesn’t happen often):

  1. Charne and Carizaan’s before service was excellent. You ask a question, you get an answer. You provide information, it’s all noted. It was an absolute pleasure working with you both.

Usually if sales is good, operations is shocking, and vice versa…well, for once, this was not the case.

  1. We arrived at the venue and the staff were there to assist.
  2. The venue was set exactly as we had asked, and the staff were actually working on sorting the finishing touches (usually this is a mad rush at the end).
  3. We had a ‘point of contact’ at all times…Carizaan and Tommie, thank you for getting stuck with us all day.
  4. The management were present at the event and didn’t just leave us to sort ourselves out *shocked*
  5. The waitering staff were pleasant and so helpful. If we asked for something, it was actually done…wow.
  6. The venue was clean, yes, this isn’t always the case and I have often picked up a mop or vacuum to assist. Just call me Sophie.
  7. The food was good, and besides running out of snacks on the first break, the food was plentiful.

Really, thank you so much for everything. You guys are at the top of your game and I really hope that we get to work with you again.


Kind Regards,